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shared ambitions

These early allies aim to encourage vocations among girls and women and make them feel legitimate when they chose to work in the digital sector; to break away from this economic and social nonsense which consists in depriving of women’s talent; to play a part in building a digital future adapted to everyone!

300 portraits de femmes

The movement originated from the shared initiatives of Sandrine Delage (Head of Change Makers & Prospective at BNP Paribas), Merete Buljo and Solenne Bocquillon-Le Goaziou (respectively President and Secretary General of the association Digital Ladies & Allies: do-tank engaged for digital diversity within the companies) and Frédéric Bardeau (President and co-founder of the network: inclusive school dedicated to technical and digital professions)

Sandrine Delage

Sandrine Delage

Head of Change Maker & Prospectives
BNP Paribas


Frederic Bardeau

Frédéric Bardeau

President and Co-founder


Solenne Bocquillon-le Goaziou

Solenne Bocquillon-Le Goaziou

Secretary General of the Digital
Ladies & Allies


Totem Women + Girls in Tech

Scale Women In IT Pledge 

(SWIIT Pledge)

Ever since its creation in 2019, the WoGiTech collective launched the “Scale Women In IT Pledge (SWIIT Pledge)”: a worldwide initiative intended to boost the number of women hired in the tech field.

The SWITT Pledge consists of collecting 1,000 promises from companies to hire women for technical jobs in the digital sector. To date, the pledge has enabled more than 45 companies to commit to training and recruiting more than 500 women.

Objective:Impact and Transformation

By mobilizing, supporting and valuing the initiatives, the means of local and international activation, in the respect of common values and in a spirit of collaborative governance, respecting the autonomy of each stakeholder, WoGiTech has become an aggregator and a real actor of transformation.

The Women & Girls In Tech collective mobilizes over 200 organizations: associations, SSE structures, companies and institutions willing to act together.

It is indeed by combining the strengths and skills of its members that the collective has been installing and optimizing its influence in France and internationally.

Totem Women + Girls in Tech


Words fromWoGiTecHer

Sandrine Delage (BNP Paribas), Solenne Bocquillon-Le Goaziou (Digital Ladies & Allies) et Frédéric Bardeau ( sur la scène de Sistemic.

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