Our core work

The Women & Girls in Tech collective works for gender diversity in tech and mobilizes private, public and non-profit stakeholders in order to build a more equalitarian society together, that resembles us and brings us together!

300 portraits de femmes


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Fill the economic gap

between men and women

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Develop a digital future

imagined by mixed-sex teams, with products and services designed for everyone regardless of the gender

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of the female STEM students were discouraged by their relatives from following their choice (vs 28% of the male students).

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of tech professionals started with non-technological professions and changed assignments every 2.7 years.

Our manifesto

Totem Women + Girls in Tech
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Take action for gender diversity

We bring together every face, every background, every experience. Diversity provides us lever to encourage equality and to give confidence.

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Take action for employment

With companies, private, public and non-profit stakeholders…

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Let’s talk about tech with passion

Let’s motivate women by decrypting today and tomorrow’s technologies, by reinventing the codes of recruitment and by making tech an interesting sector for all women.

Sustainable Development Goals


Gender Equality


Gender equality

Encouraging girls and women’s empowerment. This SDG focuses on gender equality and aims to end all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls around the world. Defined goals: fighting discrimination and violence against women, ensuring women’s access to management and decision-making positions as well as universal access to sexual and reproductive rights. Acts in interrelation with 16 other SDGs and allows the conception and application of public policies through the prism of the genre. Also promotes the implementation of policies related to the fight against the remaining inequalities that need positive measures in favor of women.

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Partnerships for the goals

SDG 17

Partnerships to achieve our goals

Promotes effective partnerships among governments, the private sector and civil society, required to achieve these sustainable development goals (SDGs) at a global, national, regional and local scale. These partnerships must be inclusive, built on shared values and principles, and make the people and the earth their main preoccupation.

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